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Our mission is to showcase the revived art of the craft distiller and to improve the lives of the craft consumer. We are passionate about providing superior service to our customers and our suppliers


Stillwagon Distillery, Charleston OR

8th Devil is proud to exclusively distribute Stillwagon Distillery's finely crafted "The Devil's Own" line of spirits in the California market.   Richard (Rick) Stillwagon, founder and master distiller, is driven by a passion for creating products and processes in harmony with nature. In his own words:

"It all started with a koi pond.  I have long been enamored with pond culture and the beautiful Koi fish.  I have built several ponds over my time to house these fish and play at creating a self-sustaining ecosystem.  As with everything I do, I look at what others have done and what is best for the subject, in this case, the fish.  Generally, warm, clean water is best for Koi.  Koi are a relatively hardy carp, but the ones that I ordered were raised in the warmth of Florida.  When I got mine, they started dying due to a suppressed immune system due to the cold water.

Warming a large amount of water is an expensive hobby.  I tried electric heaters and found them to be way too costly to run.  So, I started looking at alternative fuels and greenhouse like structures over the pond to retain heat.  I settled on experimenting with pellet stoves.

From there I had a pellet stove invented with heat exchangers and created steam.  Steam lead down a variety of tangents: steam heat, steam engines, Sterling engines, water distillation, and fuel ethanol distillation.  I started with water distillation until it was suggested that if you can distill water, you can distill ethanol as it takes less heat.

I had a steam engine built for me in India, built a greenhouse, and began experiments in aquaculture and aquaponics.  These ventures began to get expensive and I needed to start making more money than I was spending. This is when we began down the road to distilled spirits.

We chose to produce rum as it was not commonly made in Oregon.  We now produce 11 rums and a vodka made from sugarcane.  The story doesn’t end there, I am still pursuing other technologies surrounding water purification, recycling, waster heat reuse, aquaculture, aquaponics, CO2 capture and remediation, composting and vermiculture.  These all play a part in the big picture of Stillwagon Distillery."

The Devil's Own

A Distinctive Line of Finely Hand-Crafted Spirits!

White Rum

Light, subtly fruity with a sweet clean aftertaste.

Wicked Rum

Aromatic and flavorful, with a delicately sweet start and a very clean finish.

Gold Rum

Barrel aged for 2 years gives this rum smooth oak and vanilla notes reminiscent of a fine bourbon.

Dark Rum

Our aged Gold Rum and hints of cacao, orange, vanilla and caramel.

Spiced Rum

Spicy & complex, made with pineapple, coconut, vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, allspice, nutmeg, and anise.

Black Spiced Rum

Almost a liqueur, a bold infusion of fruit and spices in our Gold Rum with a splash of molasses

Cranberry Rum

Infused with Oregon grown cranberries. Sweet, tart and flavorful.

Feijoa Rum

Sweet, tart, complex flavors of kiwi, fig, and wintergreen mint. Made with fresh feijoa fruit from Brookings, OR.

Mocha Rum

A heavenly infusion of fermented, roasted cacao and a rich, dark, espresso roast coffee bean.

Pineapple Rum

Our Gold Rum infused with flavorful pineapple.


A sweet liqueur. A blend of lime, tropical spices, and a hint of pineapple.

Persian Reed Vodka

Distilled 3 times, cuts made twice to ensure the cleanest smoothest spirit. Proofed with pure spring water, this vodka is incredibly smooth and light with a slightly sweet finish.

Coconut Rum

Infused with real coconut & a dash of vanilla. Sweet, smooth, and exotically delicious!

Hibiscus Rum

Tart, sweet, fruity and herbal. Adds an exotic element and color to your classic drinks & tropical cocktails.

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Join us for a special evening exploring hand-rolled cigars and fine spirits at the 7th Annual "Cocktails in Havana". Benefiting the Habitat for Humanity of Ventura County, this spectacular event is not to be missed! For complete information and tickets, visit:  www.cocktailsinhavana.com  

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About Us

It Started Over a Drink...

In January of 2017, Mark & Gwen Beach began the process of opening 8th Devil Distributing LLC to showcase 100% finely crafted, all natural distilled spirits to the discerning connoisseur.  We are a Veteran-owned and operated small business in Ventura County. 

It began with a 30th high school reunion on the central Oregon coast and a trip to Stillwagon Distillery.  After a tour, a lesson in how the hand-crafted rums and vodka were made, and a tasting; we were hooked.  We spent several hours over the next few days speaking with the distiller about the artisan process of producing true hand-crafted products with real ingredients and learning about the sustainable waste water recycling process he developed.  By the time we returned home from the reunion we knew we wanted to start a distribution company that would showcase spirits made by true artisanal distillers. 

8th Devil Distributing was started to showcase 100% hand-crafted spirits.  We specialize in distributing for those producers who are entering the market with small batch, craft-distilled products.  Our first distiller is Stillwagon Distilleries in Charleston Oregon, located on the beautiful Central Oregon coast.  We are a small specialty distributor that will soon be selling a limited portfolio of artisanal brands from across the U.S. 

We are dedicated to promoting personal contact, product knowledge, and personal service.

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